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Vale is a versatile and passionate Bolivian artist based in Miami, United States. She has dedicated herself to honing her skills as a singer, songwriter, engineer, and producer from a young age. Her musical journey began with piano lessons at 10, and at 18, she discovered her love for singing, graduating with honors in Contemporary Singing from the National Conservatory of Music in Bolivia.

Despite her brief career in Bolivia, Vale had the opportunity to perform on various national and international stages with rock, salsa, jazz, and soul bands. She also won several singing competitions organized by the National Conservatory.

After completing her singing studies, Vale was accepted and awarded a scholarship to the prestigious "Berklee College of Music". From 2016 to 2021, Boston became Vale's home, where she discovered her second passion, music production. However, she never abandoned her singing and performed in significant festivals such as the "VIVE Latin American Music Festival," "International Folk Festival," "Ídolos Latinos," and "Divas Latinas," all held at the Berklee Performance Center.

Also, she shared the stage with artists like Juancho Herrera (guitarist for Lila Downs, Mercedes Sosa, Marta Gómez), Freddy Huevito Lobatón (Peruvian cajon virtuoso), Joey Blake (member of Bobby McFerrin's Voicestra), and many others.

During this time, she also attended master classes taught by Latin Grammy and Grammy award winners and nominees such as Natalia Lafourcade, Noel Schajris, Rosa Passos, Juan Falú, India Arie, Victor Wooten, Tigran Hamasyan, The Suga Mamas (Beyoncé's female band), and more.

After graduating from Berklee, Vale decided to continue her education and received a scholarship to pursue a master's degree in "Media Scoring and Music Production" at the Frost School of Music in Miami.

Since September 2021, she has been studying under the guidance of distinguished professionals like Carlos Rafael Rivera, Grammy and Emmy award winner, Randall Barlow, composer and producer for Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin, Cristian Castro, Shakira, and others, and Camilo Rodriguez, award-winning producer, and engineer.


Based in Miami, Vale embarked on her career as an independent artist, bringing her songs to life with arrangements and productions that blend the retro sound of rock and soul from the 90s and 2000s. Her first EP, consisting of five songs, will be released in September 2023. 

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