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Arranging & Production Services

Headphones and sheet music


I can arrange your song(s) to any of the following styles or genres and properly adapt it to the ensemble of your preference: 

  • Pop

  • Rock 

  • Jazz

  • Bossa Nova

  • Folklore

  • Latin styles

  • R&B

  • Orchestral

  • Big Band

As a result you will receive a complete score of the arrangement, separate parts for each instrument and a lead sheet for your records. 


I understand that each project is different so prices are negotiable!

Music Apps


In this field I can help you with: 

  • Composition and production of your project.

  • Turning your ideas into a final track.

  • Producing your song to an unlimited number of instruments.

  • Producing your song in any style.

  • Producing and editing your vocals.

  • Three revisions to your project, until you, as a client, are satisfied with the final track!.

Microphone Sound Editing


I know that tuning vocal tracks might be time consuming so I offer you my services to clean and tune your vocal tracks for a professional usage​.

You only need to send me your vocal track with no instruments in the background, export solely the voice track and send the instrumental part separately. 

As easy as that! 

Sound Equipment



I will write the music for your TV, Documentary, personal Promo Advertisement or Radio Commercial. How does this work?

  • Contact me to discuss your project.

  • Send me references of genre, style, mood. 

  • I will write your jingle

  • I will deliver the jingle and I can make three revisions of the project.

  • Final delivery is done by deadline!

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